we build luxury into your vintage ride without ruining the classic vibe.

As Idaho’s most trusted name in classic custom builds, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality workmanship possible. 

We want to help you fall in love with your car all over again, and we will take care of every detail so that your car looks and drives like a dream.

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Our Team


Benny Hampton

Owner/Pit Boss

Benny is the heart and soul of the rod shop. He brings his passion and energy to each project he works on, whether it’s a dream car or just a regular old vehicle. His friendly nature and down-to-earth personality make him someone you’ll want to talk to about your dream car. He jumps into each project with enthusiasm and a smile, crafting the plan, disassembling the car, ordering the parts, working the metal, arranging for upholstery, installing the glass – and then cranking up the rock music and painting. Like a mad scientist, Benny converts hard steel into emotions and dreams.


Rocci Gray


Rocci is a renaissance man. He has a deep love and appreciation for all things automotive, stemming from his childhood spent in his grandparents’ body shop. There, he learned the ins and outs of car repair and painting from some of the best in the business. Rocci loves nothing more than to create beautiful works of art with automobiles as his canvas. He says he misses his family dearly but is grateful for the opportunity to do what he loves most – painting masterpieces with cars.


Madeline Gaynor


Growing up on the East Coast, Madeline was no stranger to long winters and salty air. But when she made her way out West, she found herself in a little mountain town called Hailey, Idaho. With a bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Madeline filled a much-needed role for the shop, taking on the operations side of the business. Madeline loves outdoor adventures and has a real soft spot for classic 4x4s and adventure rigs! She enjoys witty banter and finds humor in most situations – even when things get tough.


Dirk Walker


Dirk has always considered Idaho “home.” After living in Alaska and Washington, he returned in early 2020. He showed up at the shop looking for a job and we couldn’t say no. We’ve been happy to have him ever since!
Dirk brings his mechanic and welding skills along with his wiring knowledge. You can hear Dirk’s enthusiasm echo throughout the shop, mostly in the form of yelling things like “yaaaaa babbby.”


Matt West

Automotive Technician

Idaho born and raised, Matt moved to the Wood River Valley in 2003. He attended the College of Southern Idaho, graduating with an Associates Degree in Automotive Technology and ASE Certifications from the General Motors Automotive Service Education Program. Matt has been putting his education to work every day since.

Quinn Norcutt

Automotive Technician

Coming from a lineage of mechanics and artists, Quinn has a passion for anything that moves with style. After spending his formative years imbedded in hot rod and custom culture, he transitioned to heavy industry. Working on John Deere tractors, trucks, and heavy equipment, he gained experience that few in the industry can match. Between engine tuning, TIG welding, or machining, there is no challenge too great.

Manuel Guerra Perez

Fabricator/Body Man

Originally from Guatemala, with a background in collision and automotive repairs, Manual moved to the states around 2018. Manuel is an incredibly talented body man- sanding and smoothing to perfection, building custom running boards from scratch, and so much more. He’s grateful and proud to be a member of the Bennyz Rod Shop team and it shows in his work.


Charlie Weisbaum

Head Tour Guide

After jumping out of planes and running the jungles for 3 years in the military, Charlie moved to Idaho in 1975. Charlie is a local legend of sorts, infamous or famous, it just depends on who you ask. Spending decades building houses in the area, Charlie sees a lot of cross over from home building to car building; it requires a keen eye for detail, a lot of components that need to come together, and working with customers to make their vision come to life.

Now Hiring!

We are looking for new team members. If you like what you see and think you have what it takes to join our crew, let’s talk.